Reported: 5-8% increase in Gas Mileage

Walmart conducted a five-month test using AFC Fuel Additives at their Brooksville, Florida terminal. The test fleet saw a significant  increase in fuel economy. Drivers also note increased power, better engine performance, and reduced particulate emissions.

The most significant result of the test was the improved fuel economy. The test fleet experience a miles per gallon increase that ranged from 5-8%. According to the terminal’s fleet service manager, “Because the data that was evaluated was our own, and the length of the test was of sufficient duration, the confidence level for the final results is very high.”

“In addition to fuel savings, which were substantiated by comparing our in house fuel records, there were other positive results. Many of our drivers reported increased power and performance and reduced particulate emissions (smoke)… I could tell drivers were talking to each other and sharing information. It was apparent that something positive was happening.”

Walmart Fleet Service