Case Study: Asphalt Plant Reduces Emissions

McCarty Construction conducted a carbon mass balance test on its ASTEC industries, Inc. Double Barrel  Asphalt Plant and confirmed that the addition of AFC to the fuel will reduce not only fuel consumption, but harmful emissions as well.

During the the test, it was concluded that the overall fuel consumption savings was determined to be 26.38% at a production level of 38 and 18.2% for a production level of 47.

Reported: 16.4% decrease in CO Emissions
Reported: 38.8% decrease in HC Emissions
Reported: 15% decrease in CO2 Emissions

Reduction of harmful emissions was determined to be 24.05% for CO, 8.66% for unburned hydrocarbons, 20.42% for CO2 at a production of 38. Reduction of harmful emissions were determined to be 16.42% for CO, 38.82% for unburned hydrocarbons, and 14.99% for CO2 at production level of 47.