Case Study: CAT 3412 Nets 8% in Fuel Savings

Reported: 8% Net Fuel Savings

Southern Aggregates is a concrete mining operation in Augusta, Georgia. While using AFC they experience very promising results. Southern Aggregates realized gross fuel savings of 7-8%. They also reported that upon inspection of engines that AFC was tested on, they found zero carbon build up. This was verified with oil analysis by their lubricant supplier.

Southern Aggregates had their local Caterpillar dealer examine the same engines AFC was used on and they reported amazing results. Upon inspection they were shocked at the cleanliness of the engines.

“The use of [AFC] is keeping the tops of the pistons and valve stems remarkably free from carbon build up and keeping all cylinders burning clean. We have witnessed no detrimental side effects.”

Terry Weaver, Yancy Bros. Caterpillar Dealer.