Case Study: CAT D10T C27 Gains 7.3% in Torque

Wheeler Machinery Company is a certified rebuild center that overhauls and rebuilds large Cat engines. After every overhaul and rebuild, these Cat engines go through rigorous testing to validate peak performance through an engine dyno

Reported: 7.3% increase in Torque

The Wheeler Machinery Company performed regular testing with the AFC additive in November 2013 with astounding results. They ran the engine at 1200 RPMs and power went from 486 to 498, and increase of 2.48%. Running the engine at the same RPMs they also tested torque and it went from 2132 to 2180, an increase of 2.26% using AFC.

Wheeler also tested the same engine at 1800 RPMs and saw even better results with AFC. While running the engine at 1800 RPMs power, it went from 608 to 653, a 7.39% increase, and torque went from 1774 to 1904, a 7.33% increase.