Case Study: Sheriff's Office Nets 15% in Fuel Savings

Reported: 15% Net Fuel Savings

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office had tested other fuel additives without success. They were skeptical that AFC would work. However, the Sheriff’s Office did test it and saw a 15.43% increase in fuel efficiency during the test. This resulted in a projected 14.18% savings in fuel costs.

The Sheriff’s Office conducted  the test by selecting a control group and test group from the Office’s fleet. AFC was used in the test group over a five-week period. A “Scan Gauge II” device was attached to the computer system on each vehicle in order to measure the gallons per hour and MPG.

At the conclusion of the test the data was compiled and analyzed. The results were conclusive: AFC actually worked and would save the department $34,450 in fuel costs per year.