Case Study: Mining Operation Improves Air Quality

“Bottom-line is I didn’t believe your product worked, but now that we’ve been on it and off it, there is no doubt AFC makes a positive difference in air experience, have them give me a call.”

– Jim Laughland, American Aggregates.

AXI received a letter from Jim Laughland who is the supervisor at American Aggregates’ underground limestone mine in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jim wrote to AXI to share the results of a seven month test of AFC in American Aggregates’ mining equipment.

According to Jim, “We began treating each load of fuel on a regular basis. Probably like most people in the mining industry, having witness products with similar claims that just didn’t perform, I was skeptical. After using [AFC] for five months, I stopped and told no one.

Approximately two months later several of my underground equipment operators came to my office with air filters from their respective machines. They showed me how much carbon had been trapped and that the filters only had less than 80 hours of use. They wanted to know what kind of inferior fuel I had been buying. I informed them the fuel was the same, but the [AFC] had been eliminated. Obviously they asked that [AFC] use be restarted. 

Before concluding his letter Jim added, ”My operators have no complaints now about smoking problems, and MSHA give me regular compliments about our air quality underground. There not only is an obvious visible improvement in air quality, but it is also substantiated by the air quality measurements taken daily.”