Case Study: Peterbilt 379 sees 15.4% Increase in MPG

Reported: 15.4% increase in Gas Mileage

Dick Glaze, Route 66 Logistics, Inc., began using AFC in the fuel for his Peterbilt truck. He said, “I began adding [AFC] at each fueling and I can report that the carbon build-up has decreased…and my engine has shown an increase of 1.0 mpg [15.4% increase].”

Mr. Glase was excited to report that with AFC, “The engine runs smoother and struggles less.” In addition, Mr. Glaze finally said, “I have found it costs less and out performs another well-known product that I have used previously…[AFC] has improved the engine performance in gaining a gear in pulling grades…Once again ’Thanks’ for introducing me to [AFC].”