Enhancing Performance

Some people look for increases fuel economy, others reduction in exhaust emissions. But there are some people, a special breed, who are adrenaline-junky thrill-seekers looking to get the most horsepower and torque from their engines. More often than not, these grease monkeys have to sacrifice fuel economy for more engine power– but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Increasing Power with AFC Fuel Additives

Dosing your vehicle with AFC Fuel Additives can help you get the most out of your fuel, resulting not only in increased fuel economy and decreased emissions but in enhanced engine output. These increases in peak horsepower and torque can put your engine ahead of the pack.

Our specialized fuel additive contains a proprietary combustion catalyst that provides a more complete burn of your fuel. In technical terms, the catalyst has a chemical affinity to the hydrocarbon molecules in your fuel and achieves a positive effect on the rate determining step in the combustion process. Simply put, more fuel gets burned in the engine for energy as opposed to contributing to exhaust emissions and carbon deposits. From race cars to semi trucks, or even semi truck race cars (yes, they exist), our fuel additive can be used in a variety of applications with a range of benefits derived from a better combustion.

With multiple case studies and thorough testing, AFC Fuel Additives have been shown to be directly responsible for significant increases in engine performance. 

Driving up Production Output

Performance isn’t strictly significant to speed-demons and racers. Performance also contributes to an increase in productivity. When not being used to bang gears down the racetrack, AFC Fuel Additives have been used in heavy equipment to increase production output. By allowing equipment to be run at higher intensities more reliably and for longer hours, AFC Fuel Additives can increase overall day-to-day operational output.

With many demonstrated uses, AFC Fuel Additives have accounted for momentous power gains in both torque and horsepower. We are thrilled to offer to the market a fuel additive that can provide these benefits as well as increases in fuel economy and exhaust emissions reductions.

Performance Case Studies:

Treatment Solutions for Any Use

AFC Fuel Additives are rated for all hydrocarbon based-fuels (i.g. diesel, bio-fuels, gasoline, kerosene, and heavy fuel oil) and can be used on anything from a pressure washer to heavy construction equipment. 

In offering an 8oz. bottle that treats 320 gallons, AFC is able to provide a fuel treatment solution in a concentration significantly higher than the competition (1:5000). For bulk fuel treatment options, AFC Fuel Additives are also available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon sizes.

For those gear-heads focused on getting the most out of their engine, AFC Fuel Additives provide a solution proven to bring big power. After all, AFC Fuel Additives all started with solid rocket fuel. Decades of development has brought us here, and we are happy to offer to the consumer and commercial market a formula that really does what it was set out to do.