Our product can be used in all hydrocarbon fuel blends. These include gasoline, diesel, methanol, E85 and all fuel blends. When applied to methanol, it should be applied several hours before the methanol is used to ensure it is completely dissolved.

Our product begins dissolving immediately and typically dissolves within minutes. Temperature of the fuel and agitation will affect the total time necessary to completely dissolve our product. You can add our product to your tank at any time, but for quickest dissolution add our product to your tank immediately before fueling. When using our product in race fuels, it is recommended to add our product to the fuel the day before you race.

Our products do not change octane levels or any other fuel specifications.

Our product dissolves 100% in the fuel and will not clog a fuel filter.

Our product will not void an engine warranty because it does not change any fuel specifications.

Not significantly. Always use our product in accordance with the recommended dosage.

No. Using our product in accordance with the recommended dosage will never harm your engine.

No, however for best results always use the recommended dosage.

It depends. There are many outside variables that affect horsepower like humidity, air temperature, altitude, emission controls, fuel, engine timing and other factors. The only way to determine your horsepower gains will be to dyno your car before and after treatment with our product.

Our product is safe to store in your car.

For best results use AFC every time you fill your tank. Consistent use of our product will help to clean and maintain optimal performance of the combustion chamber.

Our product begins working immediately and with most vehicles the performance will be recognized right away. For immediate results, some vehicles may require a manual reset to the vehicle’s computer before a change in performance will be recognized. A reset can be achieved by simply disconnecting and then reconnecting the batteries(s) in the vehicle. As our product works to clean the combustion chamber, it may take several tanks of fuel to achieve maximum performance.