Reducing CostS

At AFC Fuel Additives, we are on a mission to reduce engine operation and maintenance costs for a wide variety of fuel applications. From lawnmowers to tractor trailers, using AFC Fuel Additives will result in measurable savings in fuel economy, mechanical longevity, and routine engine maintenance.


Our specialized proprietary formula contains many features that have a direct impact on the mechanical durability of your engine. With a corrosion inhibitor, AFC works to prevent the development of corrosion in your fuel tank and engine by coating metallic surfaces, protecting them from contact with corrosive agents., 

In addition, AFC also includes a lubricity enhancer which extends the life of your engine by reducing wear on moving parts in your equipment. This lubrication compound is responsible for a reduction in undesirable harsh mechanical friction which can become detrimental to your engine.

With the combustion catalyst, AFC has been shown to reduce harmful byproducts of incomplete combustion such as iron and soot. These contaminates can build up in your engine and dirty your oil, leading to increased friction, wear, and ultimately overwhelming maintenance costs.

Reducing Costs of Operation

With numerous case studies and demonstrations, AFC Fuel Additives has the research to support its ability to not only protect moving parts but improve overall fuel economy of vehicles and equipment. This increase in fuel economy has been shown to significant decrease fuel expenditures for a variety customers, even when factoring in the cost of the fuel additive itself.

Unlike many of our competitors, just 8 oz. of our concentrated fuel additives can treat 320 gallons of fuel. For many, depending on fuel consumption, this means that just one bottles of AFC Fuel Additive can keep you and your equipment covered for months. Compared to a competitor’s 16 oz. bottle which might only treats 16 gallons of fuel, AFC Fuel Additives offers in quantity of up 55 gallons which treats a staggering 275,000 gallons of fuel. This make AFC an evident choice for both large and small applications. 

Fuel Economy Case Studies:


In including a fuel stabilizer, AFC Fuel Additives are able to stabilize fuel for up to 12 months. This means that you need not worry about stored fuel that not in frequent use. If left untreated, natural processes such as oxidation can take place that lead to development of fuel particulate/contaminants. These particulates/contaminates can cause pre-mature filter clogging and wear. 

AFC Fuel Additives have been developed with our customer in mind. Our goal is to make an all-purpose fuel additive that provides an array of benefits to you and your mechanical equipment. The proven breadth of benefits and features that come with using AFC Fuel Additives makes our line of fuel additives a premier choice that will both increase perform and reduce overall engine operation costs for our customers